Naturally Green Products

The Green movement has reached the flooring industry and more and more builders and homeowners are choosing these options. Modern Hardwood’s flooring suppliers are doing their part for the environment. Choosing flooring manufacturers that use only formaldehyde-free waterborne stains, sealers and top coats that are 99 per cent VOC free without any volatile solvents, pigments and dyes used for the stains are also totally free of heavy metals.

Modern Hardwood also offers hardwoods that comply with FSC certification. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an independent, non-governmental, not for profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.


We are committed to the environment by sustaining our nation’s forest resources. In caring for our tomorrow, we continuously strive to improve our selection of flooring manufacturers that meet the toughest standards in sustainable forest management.


To represent flooring manufacturers with quality products that are environmentally friendly while helping to nourish, support and protect our nation’s forest resources.


To protect the environment and respect forests so that they and our products may be enjoyed by future generations.


To supply quality products that make living and working spaces a healthy place while protecting the environment by minimizing the impact of our manufacturing activities.